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Stay within your budget with SandpiperCREATIVE

We'll meet with you to discuss the project. After you accept the cost estimate, we'll agree on tasks, budget, and schedules and then sign a simple contract.

Program coordination services require billing on an hourly basis.

Writing assignments will be handled as follows: We quote short-term assignments such as a two-sided brochure that will take two weeks or less on a flat-rate basis. Projects that require more time may warrant hourly rates. On short projects, one-half of the contracted amount will be due up front, with the balance paid when the project is delivered. For longer projects, one-third of the contracted amount will be due up front, with the balance to be paid at negotiable checkpoints.

For writing projects, we include two rounds of revisions in any contracted price. We bill for further revisions at the established hourly rate. Prices quoted are for copy only. Additional services such as logo design, graphic design and layout, etc., may be billed separately.

Let us know what you need, and we'll be glad to provide more information.